Take Small Steps Everyday

We often think that it’s the big moments in life that matter but really it’s the small steps in the right direction that bring us closer to happiness everyday. Sure, the milestones such as weddings, promotions and births are beautiful, but they come so few and far in between that we shouldn’t solely rely on them for joy.

It is said that when people are near the end of their life or when they lose a loved one, what they hold dearest to their heart are the small things like laughter. Life is offering us precious little gifts throughout the day. If we can be present enough to notice them and be grateful for them, we can tap into an unlimited amount of joy.

We must also realize that it’s usually not the grandiose gestures that bring us closer to our dreams. It’s the small steps we take everyday. The little decisions that we might not be putting that much thought into. It’s the sum total of our thoughts and actions that make up our current reality so make sure that you are present enough to notice their impact.

If you don’t have the life that you want, notice what small steps you might not be taking. Don’t blame yourself or be harsh on yourself. Be kind and then make a conscious decision to sprinkle some needed small steps into your day to get closer to your dreams.

Being present in the little moments allows you to consciously move towards a place of deep joy. Start now. Start today with thoughts that are loving and kind. They are sure to help you build the life you desire.

This article was written by Red Fairy Project, certified yoga teacher & meditation coach.

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